Washer Repair

Is your head spinning because your washing machine does not? When a washer breaks it leaves loads of laundry and stress upon your shoulders. Whether your washing machine won’t drain, won’t spin, or simply won’t turn on, schedule a washer repair service immediately to avoid further complications and expenses.

Our WOW technicians are experienced in fixing washing machines of all brands and types.

Washer Repair of All Types

WOW Appliances  repair a wide range of washing machines including:

  • Top loading washing machines
  • Front loading washing machines
  • Combination units
  • Compact washing machines

Washer Problems

Has your washing machine broken down or performing poorly? In order to understand how to fix a washing machine, we need to understand where the problems lie. Here is

A Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

If clothes are still wet after a spin cycle, it may mean several things: a defected lid switch, broken drive belt, damaged wire, burned out spin solenoid or a bad times contact.

Washer Vibrates Too Much

If your washer shakes violently during a spin cycle it might not be leveled properly. Worn damper pads or snubber pads can cause extra vibration as well.

Washing Machine Leaks

Usually, the main reason for washing machine leaking water is loose or broken hoses or a leaky pump. In that case, you need to replace these faulty washer parts. The other part worth checking is drain pipe clogs, worn out tub fitters or tub water injection.

Washer Won’t Drain Properly

Defective pump, worn drive belt, or clogged drain hose can be the reason why your washing machine won’t drain clothes well. Call for washing machine service as soon as possible to avoid future complications.

How Long Does a Washing Machine Last?

Washer machine life expectancy depends greatly on the brand and quality parts.  An average washing machine can handle around 5100 cycles before it needs to be replaced. Which means an average top and front loading washer can last up to 14 years if you do your laundry daily or load 7 loads each week. In other words, the less you wash, the longer your washing machine will serve you.

The main problem is, that washer is often overloaded, which results in washer breakdowns.  Here are washing machine parts that might need repair, if not a washer is not used properly:

  • Drain Hose
  • Washer Transmission
  • Drain Pump
  • Washer Clutch
  • Lid Switch
  • Main Control Panel
  • Washer Motor
  • Washing Machine Belt

Call Washing Machine Repairman

Whether your old washer gives you problems or a brand new one does not work at its full capacity – WOW Appliances team is here to help. Our appliance repair experts are trained and certified to repair all types of washing machines including front loading washing machine and top loading washing machine.

We carry all the necessary spare parts to fix any washer problems quickly and cost-efficiently. In addition, we offer a detail troubleshoot of your appliance with a free quote. Call WOW to get your washer up and running NOW!