Dryer Repair

Days of clothes’ air dry has passed. Those who lead a busy lifestyle cannot imagine their daily routine without a dryer. That is why when a laundry dryer breaks it seems like the end of the world.

Good news is that our dryer repair technicians at WOW Appliances are experienced in fixing all types of dryers:

  • Electric Dryer repair
  • Gas Dryer repair
  • Vented dryer repair
  • Condenser dryer repair
  • Heat pump condenser dryer repair

We offer a free estimate for each job, that is followed by a quick and quality service. Choosing WOW you say CHAO to your broken dryer!

Common Dryer Problems and Troubleshooting

Dryer not drying clothes is what we hear at WOW as the most popular complain when we get a service call. However, in order for us to understand how to fix your dryer, we need to locate the source of our troubles.

Dryer Not Heating Up

If a drum is spinning, but clothes dryer has no heat it might mean that there is a bad fuse or a problem with temperature switch, thermostat or heating cole.

Dryer Won’t Start

There are plenty of reasons why dryer is not starting. From simple defective door switch or broken thermal fuse to malfunction start switch, motor or main control board.

Dryer Making Screeching Noise

Worn out dryer glides or old drum support rollers can cause metal-to-metal contact making excessive noise. A brittle belt that rotates the drum or idler pulley can cause problems as well. If any of these parts are worn out, they have to be replaced.

Dryer is Too Hot

An overheated dryer can be a dangerous fire hazard, that is why if your dryer is too hot you need to look into this problem immediately. Blocked internal ductwork, dirty lint filter, broken thermostat or malfunctional heating elements – all of these can be a potential reason for dryer overheat.

Dryer Repair Cost

In case you noticed a spike in your energy bills and slow drying,  it may indicate that the dryer is not working properly. This is one of the cases when you need a dryer troubleshooting and repair service.

Keep in mind that a timely action can save you money in the long run. Dryer repair cost depends on the type of repair and the part needed. A dryer belt or heating coils replacement is a relatively small job with a smaller price when something like a thermostat replacement can come to a higher price.

Call Dryer Repair Technician Today

At WOW Appliances we offer our clients full troubleshoot of gas and electric dryers of any brand and make. We offer a free onsite estimate and stand by our price policy – no hidden prices. To experience our WOW dryer repair service call us now.